Limo Bus Flint


Limo Bus Flint


Favorite Bars and Restaurants:

  • Centaur
    2233 Park Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201-3426
    (313) 963-4040
  • This place has the absolute most delicious gingerbread Martini. I also love their blackened chicken rolls, and spicy chicken soft tacos. This by far is my favorite bar in the D.
  • Checker bar
    124 Cadillac Square, Detroit, MI 48226-2815
    (313) 961-9249
  • The Owner here is super friendly, highly personable, and a great guy as a whole. The home-made chilli is unreal, it is incredibly amazing!! If you are only going to go to one bar while you and your group are in Detroit be sure to go to the Checker bar.
  • Cheli's Chilli
    47 E Adams Ave, Detroit, MI 48226-1602
    (313) 961-1700
  • This is the Detroit original, and it's awesome. The nachos with chilli cheese are great, and so is the turkey Reuben, and all the great drink specials. I mean where else can I get a double shot of whiskey and enjoy a red wings game with a turkey reuben?

CALL NOW: 810-201-4794

  • Leland City Club
    400 Bagley St
    Detroit, MI 48226
  • This has got to be Detroit's best industrial night club. It's always rowdy, fun, and great when it comes to enjoying yourself, having a great time, and a whole lot more. It's truly a must see, because of its high energy and amazing atmosphere.
  • Cliff Bell's
    2030 Park Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226-16206
    (313) 961-2543
  • Ok, so I know when leaving a review for Cliff Bell's it should be probably be about the beer and atmosphere, but I want to say I love love their lamb burger. It's so simply delicious, truly amazing and a whole lot more. But yeah, this place has it all, it's the perfect place for a good time, and a whole lot more.
  • Coaches Corner
    1465 Centre Street, Detroit, MI 48226-2209
    (313) 963-4000
  • I truly love their meat lovers pizza, and I'm also a big fan of their Reuben. This is a great place when it comes to tasty food, and lots of brews. I mean I've never seen a place with so much cheap beer.